Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Thoughts Of The Broken Hearted


I want to cry I want to scream I hate that I'm so afraid of everything I hate that one thing I want the most but can't have I wish that one thing would come back to me I wish I were strong enough to say I wish I could believe my own lies I use to cover up the pain I need to move on says my head I need to hold on says my heart I need to decide says my mind I want to hurt I want this nightmare to be over I wish I could change time I need to start doing things for me I hate that I wasted my time I'm tired of hoping aimlessly I'm tired of wanting something that I can't have I'm tired of hurting me for things that aren’t my fault I'm sorry I was not good enough

for breaking me, for not loving me 
I've got no place to go
I've got no where to run
I'm a nightmare, a disaster

I'm a lost
I'm sick of this waiting
I wish I could turn back time... that day I plugged my hard disc in the computer and accidently erased everything that day I ate that food and became sick that day I said goodbye and left that day I started bitting my nails that day so could have sang a better song
...and had raised my hand that day I was so afraid of my future
...and had wrote those applications for collages in another country
...and had gone

I hate the way I'm life turned out to be
I'm always learn to hold the things I want to say
I'm always going to be afraid

There's only hate There's only tears
There's only pain There's only lies
There's only fears There's only pain

Broken down like a mirror smashed to peices
I learned the hard way to shut my mouth and smile
Everytime I fight the scars are gonna heal but there never gonna go away

I'm falling, I'm screaming
I'm stuck in the same old nightmare
I'm crying
All in all, these are the days that I learned from!

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